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P&C meetings

When: 1st Tuesday of each month (during school terms)
Time: 7pm
Where: Library

What happens at the meeting?

The Principal and School Executives share both short term and long term major activities within the school, major staffing changes, staff development, department and school strategy.

Discussion of how the P&C can financially support initiatives and improvements for our children at school.

Fundraising plans, running of the school Canteen, and Uniforms are also discussed, along with general ideas and improvement opportunities across the school.

Do I have to be a P&C member?

Parents of our school community are always welcome at meetings, and you don't need to be a member to attend meetings. 

However, membership is required if you wish to vote on an item, or nominate for a vacant position on the P&C. The annual membership fee is $1, payable to the Treasurer at a meeting.

Your P&C committee

The Annual General Meeting to elect office bearers is held in March each year. Office bearers elected in 2020 are:

Anthony Boros - President 

Cherie Boros & Rebecca Felice- Vice Presidents

Michelle Silvestro – Treasurer

Danielle Maclean – Secretary

Cherie Boros – Fundraising

Sheryl Wedge- Volunteer Register

Cherie Boros- Uniforms. 


Sharing your ideas proposals and opportunities with the P&C

We'd love to hear your ideas and how they could work in our school community. You can email your ideas to the P&C, or reply to our quarterly survey on the skoolbag app.

While many simple ideas don't require scoping, bigger projects certainly do. Including the following information with your idea helps the P&C to have a better understanding of your idea, and therefore able to make an informed decision:

  1. What is needed? (brief description of the idea, sketches, or even brochures)
  2. Why is it needed? (include benefits to students/school, and if it fits the schools culture/strategy)
  3. Costings? (reasonable estimate or quotes. Items greater than $5,000 requires two independent quotes)
  4. Timeframe? (estimate on time to develop/implement. Short, medium, or long term project?)
  5. Your contact details (name, phone and email of the person submitting the proposal who can be contacted for more information).

Fundraising and purchase of resources for school

The P&C's fundraising activities are spread throughout the year and need the ongoing generosity of our school and business community, both in time and funds, to keep them successful.

These fundraisers contribute to the school's culture, environment, and opportunities for our children - so that they can enjoy an engaging and fulfilling time at the school, no matter what their interests.

Fundraising and purchases for the school

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